Scenes from the film "Memories of the old Tignes Village"

Arriving at the spot, the weather is still beautiful ...
It all starts in this beautiful landscape.
The Authentic Diving team starts by shoveling the snow to enable them to start diging a hole in the ice.
In between the two shootings, the ice had reformed itself by at least 25 centimeters.
The resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains.
An underwater view of the main hole, it measures about 3 meters in diameter.

Diving in the depths of the lake, searching for wood that is 4000 years old ...


The first object we find is a branch or a piece of root. In the background, the two holes.
25 meters deep and more than 70 meters from the holes, a spot light projected on a big tree trunk makes it look almost unreal...
We used up to 750 Watts .

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