Scenes from the film "Memories of the old Tignes Village"

Even Christ lauered his arms when the dam was built...
"In Tignes nobody owes anything to anybody, we lived peacefully, we lived happily..."
The second lighting team starts their dive.
The air exhaled by the divers forms large air bubbles which slid along the ice...

... these air bubbles finish by melting and forming galeries.


The galleries can be long which allow the diver to put his head in it to appreciate the view.
Several ice pieces are slowly melting in the water, which has a temperature of 2° C, and pushed underneath the surface...
The diver in charge of the security is tied with a rope to a person on the surface in order to communicate by signs.
Air bubbles and pieces of ice are mixing with the light.
This transparent block of ice is the result of a new crust of ice that rebuilt itself after 5 days.

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