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Please read carefully our conditions and terms of sale, payment and delivery indicated hereunder, before to send your order. Thank you !

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  • Conditions and terms of payment and delivery :
1.- ATTENTION : Before to send your order, we ask you to check carefully the standard in which one your VTR and TV are working. Usually, for Switzerland and Europe, as well as for a big part of Asia, the standard is PAL. Excepted for France, where the SECAM standard is normally the rule ! NTSC 1 for USA, NTSC 2 for Japan. In case you would not cross the right standard, the tape cannot be read by the VCR and/or the TV.

2.- All our tapes are packed in a special film protection. Once this film is removed, it is no more possible to send us the tape back or to do any exchange.

3.- Once you have sent us your order, we will send you a confirmation either by e-mail or per Post with a Pro-Forma invoice attached. The payment can only be settled in Euros (EUR) or in Swiss Francs (CHF) and once it is credited on our account, we will send you the merchandise.

4.- All our prices are without taxes (EXPORT - EX) and ex-works Switzerland.

5.- Port and packaging are not included.

6.- The payment must be made on our bank account mentionned on the Pro-Forma invoice exclusively. We do not accept payments by checks or credit cards.


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* I attest to have understood and completely read the conditions of sale, payment and delivery and I agree with all of them.
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"The coral reefs of Mabul and Sipadan"
"Memories of the old Tignes village"

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Many thanks ! We will treat your order as soon as possible.

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