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Creation of a Center dedicated to Underwater Video

Amongst the numerous projects that we have, the creation of an underwater video center is the one that is especially dear to our heart.

Indeed, in addition to the possibility of offering someone a job, it will also permit us to mark ou presence in the area of underwater film productions in a particularly interesting region of the world for this type of activity.

We have a lot of ideas and think we are able to develop numerous synergies around this center, reason for which we grant a real importance to its realization.

Our concern is also to pay particular attention to the quality of services offered by the hotels that we approach and of course to the potential of possible sales to the customer divers.

It is under this category as well as on the page “Productions”, category “Maakanaa Films”, where you will be informed of the outcome of our negotiations and where you will know which one will be elected amongst the different islands with who we have contacts. 

The Concept

Without going so far in detail, the main activities of the center will be to film divers that wish during one of their dives and then the pictures of this dive will be associated to music to get an editing of approximatly 20 minutes.

A small credit at the beginning will indicate the name of the diver participating as well as the diving site and the date on which it took place. After the titles at the end, a movie of 26 minutes length, presenting the underwater fauna of the Maldives will be included in the benefit. And, a copy will be made offering the choice of VHS tape, Mini-DV or engraved on a CD-R or DVD.

In addition, we will be careful to constantly produce new shots to renew sequences of this film in order to propose a different product to the customers who never cease to be attracted and loyal when the atmosphere of an island is pleasant, when the comfort and food are excellent and when the choice of activities is varied and attractive.

A lot of other benefits are foreseen and different entertainments will be regularly proposed to all the customers of the hotel.

Some of our services will also be offered to diving centers that will be located in our region or to all companies interested in our work or needing our assistance to produce some underwater images.

Our goal will be to assume all specific demands coming from the outside and to be identified as being a reliable, fast, serious and competent business enterprise.

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Last update - April 2003

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