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Is your profile corresponding to our needs ?


The Candidate's Profile

If your profile doesn't precisely correspond to the description below, we can give you a training course but it should ideally be the following : 

  • Divemaster or PADI Instructor, CMAS or other Federations, in teaching status
  • Excellent command of underwater video shooting
  • Good command of video shooting on land
  • English essential, French a plus and other languages are an advantage
  • If possible good command of underwater photography and on land
  • Common practice of Word and Excel, use of Internet and e-mail
  • Basic knowledge of the techniques of virtual editing with one of the following software: Avid, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Casablanca, etc
  • Basic knowledge on Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint
  • An experience of around 200 to 500 dives is requested


The Candidate's Qualities

We are searching for a person of confidence, serious and responsible, customer service orientated and whose qualities are : 

  • Confirmed experience in diving is required: being capable to assure simultaneously the shooting of the video film and the security of the divers, to intervene efficiently in case of necessity
  • Natural ability in selling and promoting the activities
  • Ability to manage the center during the absence of the manager
  • Ability to accurately do the invoicing and basic accounting
  • To know how to anticipate needs, notably regarding the stock management of the Mini-DV and VHS tapes as well as the one for the CD-R and DVD. To foresee and to make purchases in Malé or to place an order on time in Europe
  • Easy to get on with people of different cultures and coming from all horizons in a hotel of high standard
  • Previous contracts in Maldives or in a similar place would be appreciated


Your Application

This job is ideal for a motivated person and it offers a real chance to evolve within the enterprise. Thank you in advance for sending us the following documents by postal mail : 

  • A complete CV accompanied by a VHS tape including 20 to 30 minutes of underwater images
  • If possible, a Portfolio on paper with 10 underwater pictures and 10 on land pictures (will be returned to you)

Equal treatment for both men and women’s applications.

Our Address

Thierry Kramer
Les Chesaux-Dessus G3
CH - 1264 St.-Cergue


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