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To work in the tropics as a diving instructor constitutes the dream of many divers. However, after having taught the same basic exercises (to acquire a good way to swim with fins, how to empty the mask, to purge the regulator, to control well the buoyancy, etc) for months or even years, this sometimes ends up by becoming tiring. The wish to do something else can therefore become urgent or indispensable in order to avoid falling into the monotony of a routine.

To have crossed this path, we know that this situation can become frustrating for an instructor and the risk of sinking into easiness by rusting his/her work is then present. However, the possibility to change activity and still remain active in the world of diving is not always an easy thing.

to Reality

We may have the solution for your dreams

Indeed, we propose a unique opportunity for you to beam in fascinating domains, since it is about those of the hold of underwater view and the realization of films that are destined to divers custom. The place is one of the most idyllic places of the planet because we consider opening our video center in a luxurious hotel, situated in the Maldives islands…

If this kind of experience is of interest to you, read the categories "Employment", "Profile", "Conditions" and don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel ready to raise this new challenge !

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