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Description of the conditions and benefits of the contract


The Conditions and our Benefits

Workplace : Republic of Maldives

Monthly salary : Payed in US dollars. The basic salary for a Divemaster is of US$ 350.- and US$ 500.- for an Instructor but the total amount of the fixed salary will depend on the employee's real skills, (please also see under "The Additional Advantages" heading below)

Holydays : 2x3 consecutive weeks per year, of which 4 are payed by the employer, (please also see under "The Additional Advantages" heading below)

Contract's duration : minimum1 year, renewable year to year

Trial period : 3 months

Term of notice : 3 months for both parts, except in a case of serious mistake

Obligatory insurances : DAN, Master Professional category, of which 50% of the premium are taken in charge by the employer. A sanitary repatriation insurance for health reason in case of illness or accident is also required (type REGA-GASS or booklet ETI Worldwide, etc) and will be assumed by the employee

Flight : 2 tickets per year from Zurich to Malé and return exclusively with SriLankan Airlines, in economic class. Special agreement possible in case of excess luggage

Train : 2 tickets per year from the place of residence to Zurich and return, in 2nd class

Accomodation : included in the employer's benefits

Food : full board included in the employer's benefits

Laundry : included in the employer's benefits

Clothes : a batch of 10 t-shirts with the name of our Company is provided at the begining of the contract by the employer, that the employee will have to wear during the working hours. During the evening, the employee is free to wear what he/she likes as long as it is appropriate for the atmosphere of the hotel and type of customer

Behaviour : the employee is held to be respectful towards the customer in all circumstances and to have a polite and commercial approach to him. Moreover, the employee must work in a spirit of collaboration with the diving center and must conform him/herself to the possible remarks of the hotel management

The Additional Advantages

If the contract is renewed at the end of the 1st year and that the net profit permits it, a bonus of US$ of 100.- to 200.- per month is paid in addition to the monthly salary !

As of the 2nd year of contract and that the net profit permits it, the 6 weeks of holydays are fully paid by the employer !

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