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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is one of the authenticity of the moment and to show the underwater world as it truly is. This means, that we think that it is wrong to provoke scenes not representing the reality.

The potential is great enough, it is sufficient to know where and how to look for it. Hence we still film a coral polyp with the same passion as we do a whale shark.

Our Goals

The goals of Authentic Diving are the following :

  1. To realize documentary films which favor the understanding of the underwater world in general, its ecosystems and to explain cases of symbiosis and commensalism

  3. To realize documentary’s in fresh water, in magnificent natural landscapes, such as the Alpes or in other plaines or mountains of the earth

  5. To promote areas, hotels, dive centers, resorts or others companies who develop their activities on long term and with respect to the natural environment in which they take place

  7. To show the beauties of the underwater world and landscapes on earth, associating the pictures uniquely with music in the aim of taking each time the spectator on a different trip

  9. Make people aware of the necessity of respecting and preserving, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans

To qualify ourselves as ecologists would be a mistake, as we prefer the term "eco-logic"... In short, Authentic Diving’s objective is to install and favor the comprehension, the respect and the protection of the natural environments.

Our Code of Ethics

Moreover, the key points of our code of ethics are :

  1. Under no circumstances would we envisage anaesthetized an animal, organism or fish with ice water, gas, drugs, etc, in order to make believe on a hunting scene…

  3. To avoid inducing deliberately defensive or aggressive reactions against any organisms (porcupinefish, etc)

  5. Not to practice and to film feeding sequences of wildlife in their natural environment (sharks, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, etc), with the exception of aquariums

  7. We do not allow ourselves to intentionally degrade the underwater world in order to film it more easily or to increase the stability during a sequence

  9. We never move an organism from its original place in order to make our shots easier or to place it on another organism  for beauty’s sake, as a colorfull sponge

  11. If we film a rare or exceptional attitude of an organism and it was realized in an aquarium, we always mention it in the commentary
Our motto is : Patience and Respect !
Authentic Diving - Thierry Kramer
Last update - July 2003

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