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The Project

In order to satisfy the demands of your clients, the possibility of selling VHS video tapes or DVD's to tourists, visiting a paradise island has became if not a necessity, an obligation for a resort (please click on the links "Productions", on heading "Activities" and read "Promotional Film").

We ourselves in the 5 years that we lived there, were able to see the potential of sales of this kind of souvenir and bench mark the demand. As such, we have conceived a particular type of film which answers perfectly to the clients demands.

If you direct or represent a resort in the Maldivian islands or anywhere else in the world and you would be interested in realizing a promotional film, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, to obtain our presentation of this project, which could well became yours...

We are your Partner

In case of interest, the presentation file which you will receive contains a fully detailed brochure, an underwater video clip of 5 minutes filmed in the Maldives, a questionnaire and a sample contract, with no initial obligation on your behalf.

We will ask you to kindly fill in the questionnaire and to return it to us, so that we can further understand the precise kind of film you would like to produce and sell.

Once we have studied your answer and defined with you the exact content of the film, this will enable us to establish a quote with the full detail of the production costs. On this subject we would like to inform you that Authentic Diving takes no commission on the postproduction costs.

In the different options proposed for the concept of the film, we suggest a timing of 30 to 40 minutes and in function of the clients choices, 5 to 10 days are normally necessary to achieve the local underwater and land shootings.

Our payment conditions for this type of film are 1/3 of the total amount on signature of the contract, 1/3 on finalization of the shooting and 1/3 on the finalization of the postproduction.

The Sales

In order to sell any kind of movie successfully, our experience has shown us that it is very important to promote the product effectively, in order to gain the client's interest. When the marketing is well done, the sales do not limit themselves to divers alone but to the all visitors coming from differents horizons, who will allow themselves to be fascinated by the beauty of the pictures.

To reach your sales objective, an excellent idea is to permanently show the film and to install a small television with VCR or DVD in your hotel boutique as well as on the Diving Center, with a special 3 hours film version (copy provided free of charge). This will allow your guests to watch and enjoy the movie at any time, which is very important in order to captivate their attention and motivate them to buy a VHS video tape or a DVD.

Another good advice is to organize once a week, a presentation of the movie to your clients, close to the bar, during the happy hour with some interesting comments made by a staff member of the Diving School. From experience these two methods have both doubled sales overnight, I myself have tested it on an Island where I was working !

We also believe that it is necessary to have pictures of exceptional quality in order to sell this kind of product well, as more and more people own high quality television systems (16/9 flat screen television, DVD player and surround sound).

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Last update - July 2003

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