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The Optics

On our first housing (Subspace Pictures® MK2 Marine), we use an aspherical lens (Adval® Thalacetor Pro DV) to obtain pictures having a field of vision of 112°, which are sharp from contact lens to infinity (wide angle position) and without any distortion. This lens is unique and we particularly appreciate to use it as it allow us to get pictures of incredible quality, having an exceptional wide angle in underwater use !

The second housing (Subspace Pictures® MK1) has a dome in mineral glass coupled with a correcting lens to avoid distortion and a wide angle lens of 100° (Subspace Pictures® & Kenko®).

All the optics of our housings are specially designed for underwater use to allow us to get pictures of indisputable sharpness and quality. Moreover but on special request only, we can do macroscopic pictures where the polyps' ovulation of corals is perfectly identified on the screen.

The Housings

On our both housings Subspace Pictures®, the focus is made manually and the picture control on a LCD monitor. Some changes are made, in order to allow us to have the possibility to adjust manually the white balance, the exposure and the shutter speed.

Moreover, specific options will be added on our housing Subspace Pictures® MK1, as for example the possibility to control the camera and the picture from the surface (as a boot), this will be very helpful to observe and to film some interesting attitudes of marine species or in order to take a census of any fishing population, etc.

For sure, a big advantage is to know a manufacturer who takes every request under consideration and also cares about client's needs. Custom design is a must for Subspace Pictures® and in addition of that the equipments produced are extremely resistant and very well conceive. As for example, we use since a couple of years a housing Subspace Pictures® MK1 and all new cameras arriving on the market during the past years could fit into the housing without any difficulties !

The Cameras

We where shooting the underwater sequences of our first films in Mini-DV format with the 3-CCD handycam's, Sony® VX1000 and TRV900. On land, in DVCAM with the 3-CCD camcorder, Sony® DSR-200AP.

In 2002 or beginning 2003, we will exclusively use DVCAM cameras. For underwater shots, we will buy the Sony® DSR-PD150 in association with the housing Subspace Pictures® MK2 Marine. The Sony® DSR-PDX10P will be used with the housing Subspace Pictures® MK1.

From now on, the shooting made on land will be exclusively made with the professionnal camcorder, Sony® DSR-500WSP ! The CCDs of this camcorder have been specifically designed for the 16/9 aspect ratio (without anamorphous conversion) for a magnificent visual impact...

The Lighting systems

We principally use 3 lighting systems, all designed by Duo-Light® : 128 Duo, 1216 Duo and 268 Video, with 2; 3 or 4 spotlights each and offering from 30 up to a total of 1'800 Watts of power.

The quality, reliabilty and durability of this lighting systems are for us, the important criteria in our choice. Another reason was that we could develop a product, not existing in the catalogue, in collaboration with the manufacturer.

This company is also one that we particularly appreciate for his reliability, knowhow and his availability to conceive, design and manufacture products corresponding to our needs.

The added Value

On special request the use of an underwater uninhabited vehicle (mini ROV) can be provided for any special project with a maximum range of activity fixed at 400 meters.

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