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The sale of images

Our services are available to any company who may need underwater video sequences.

We propose three different options :

  1. You choose any one of our existing underwater sequences from our films. According to the total duration an the final purpose, we wil prepare you an offer based on a price per minute for the broadcasting rights

  3. We give you access to our image bank and to select the rush you desire, which will give you the privilege of finding original unpublished shots, never used in any of our films. These pictures are priced per minute and if you wish so, we can also take care of editing (this service is priced per day(s) work)

  5. You mandate us specifically to produce the type of shots you wish. In this case, we would draw up an offer with a complete description of production costs, using our actual price list for promotional films (price list on request)


The promotional film

We propose to hotels, resorts, diving schools, sea cruise operators and any other companies linked to the underwater world, to create promotional film for them, allowing them to professionally and effectively present their activities.

In the future, we will be producing a number of the above mentioned advertising films for resorts and dive centers in the Rep. of Maldives and Red Sea, we are however ready to extend our activities to any destination in the world.

Our experience in this domain has showed us that there is a strong interest for this subject of film, as well as a big demand for VHS video tapes or DVD on the market. You will see that it is easy to satisfy the expactations of your clients.

So that you may completely understand the potential of these films, one of the following descriptions will most certainly correspond to your needs. You will find reasons that will explain and define why such a bend of promotion is necessary and essential :

  • As a resort you have the possibility to add views of the bungalows, rooms, restaurants, bars and introduce all the activities which are possible on the island. In order to give a full overview of your resort, you could also consider an association with the Diving Center, which would enable you to share the production costs
  • As a Diving Center you will present your local dive sites to your customers, thus being an efficient way to promote all your activities and to motivate non divers to learn diving with you
  • As a sea cruise operator you will show the cabins, the atmosphere and way of life on a boat and give a description of the different route options. Your guests will certainly appreciate going back home with "a part" of your favorite dive spots

Moreover, you will state that many of your visitors will either buy a VHS video tape or a DVD as a souvenir and will show it to their families and friends, which is the first step towards acquiring new clients in the future.

Another advantage for you is that you will own one of the best tools of communication, which will allow you to present yourself in a professional manner to tour operators, travel agencies as well as partners or potential investors.

It will also be a good opportunity for you to show your film during any travel exhibitions, diving shows or conferences.

The documentary movie

Many new projects are in preparation, such as the realization of films on rivers, lakes or springs and without saying at sea.

We also own files of over 30 interesting subjects for documentary movies but as the costs are quite high, we would particularly consider any proposal of co-production with televisions or private producers. In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail in order to discuss about the different possibilities.

However our biggest challenge in this domain still remains in finding private investors or companies interested in co-production with us in order to participate in a huge project. In this context, we have developed a contact network with scientists and biologist doing marine researches in various universities. They are all very interested in collaborating with us in order to achieve a complete study of tropical marine life and ecosystems.

This project include different interesting aspects :

  1. The opportunity to discover an exceptional area, unique in the World !

  3. The probability of discovering new species or organisms including ADN tests for a reliable classification

  5. The establishment of a comparative survey between the fauna and flora living close to the coast and further off-shore

  7. Continuation of studies in a university and preparation of two reports, one destined for scientific use, the second to be published in different magazines

  9. Possibility for two students to make a thesis for their final exams

If this project attracts you, we would be extremely motivated to meet you in order to present you a complete file displaying all the aspects and exceptional particularities of the film.

The advertising movie

We have developed several scenarios for advertising films destined for trademark companies who wish, in an original manner, to promote a flagship product of a specific brand or new range.

In this particular domain, our role consists in proposing a scenario, organizing and coordinating the different milestones from the beginning to end of the production. We will be in charge of the realization of the underwater sequences as well as taking all the necessary steps to finalization of the project.

So as to obtain the highest level of quality, we entrust the realization of the sequences on land and all the post-production up to the finalized product, to advertising agencies specialized in this domain.

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