Shooting in TIGNES

During the month of January 2000, one of our projects was realized : a movie about Ice diving in the Lake of Tignes (France). One of the particularity of this shooting was that we had to start cutting an opening in the ice in order to start our dive. It took us six hours to get through the 80-cm ice layer to obtain a hole of 3 meters diameter. The weather conditions were not always in our favor, as we had to fight against extreme cold, up to -17° C, snow and wind. Fortunately we had as well two days of sun.

Although the conditions were difficult we had some nice surprises during the shooting. We will keep you informed about this project as the finalization of the movie approaches, which we expect to be done by the end of August.

All the staff members have played an important role in this project. Many thanks to Christine, Geneviève, Véronica, Alessandro, Marc-Aurèle and Philippe.

We would like to take the opportunity to thanks in particular the Town Hall of Tignes, the department of Equipment, Fire and Track for helping us by lending us room, snow-motorbikes, equipment to dig the hole in the ice and by filling our dive-tanks.

A special thanks to Mr Stéphane URBAIN for his precious help, suggestions and his important role as a contact person approaching the different department involved.

Authentic Diving - Thierry Kramer
February 2000

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