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Shooting in MABUL and SIPADAN

It's a matter of fact that all the positive information's we received about Mabul and Sipadan were confirmed the moment we reached these beautiful places.

After 29 hours of travelling our fatigue was won over by the impatience of discovering the underwater world of the Celebes Sea. We decided to do our first dive without camera and to prepare the video equipment for the next day.

To start with we saw a lot of beautiful green turtles. We had the chance to swim in the middle of the famous tornadoes of barracudas and jacks, hundreds of them continuously turning around us. Hump head parrot fish, beautiful sea fans, sponges, soft corals, fairy basslet and lots of different reef fish as well as a lot of different shark species (white and black tip, hammerhead, leopard to name some) were part of our daily diving around Sipadan.

On the bottoms of Mabul and Kapalai more known for macro diving we had the privilege of seeing lots of sea horses, frogfish, leaf fish, ghost pipe fish and even the mandarin fish (unfortunately to shy to shoot good pictures). An impressive variety of nudibranchs, flamboyant cuttlefish, shrimps and other fish species we had never seen before were the confirmation that we had very exceptional dives during our stay.

During all our dives we highly appreciated the service provided by our divemaster, capable of finding you could not dream of. The boat provided by the resort that was adapted to our needs, the captain exceptionally taking care of our equipment and the excellent service of the dive center contributed that our shootings went smooth and easy.

The service quality over there is very good. Everything is well conceived and everybody takes care of the needs of the divers.

We would like to thank Malaysia Airlines for their support, the management and staff of Sipadan Mabul Resort - SMART Divers, as well as the teams of Scubazoo Video and Tech Dive Center, who all collaborated. 

By the end of this summer the postproduction of the movie will be ready to be presented at the next Worldwide Underwater Film Festival of Antibes (France), which will take place from the 1st till the 5th of November 2000. We will keep you informed step by step about the finalization of the movie.

Authentic Diving - Thierry Kramer
April 2000

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