Scenes from the video clip "Maldivian Reefs"


Feelings sought by the diver : those that one feels in the bluish environment that reigns from the depths of the sea, at the bottom of a vertiginous over hang...
In a fairy-like surrounding of soft bluish coral stuck to the reef, a shoal of bluestriped snappers of incredible density and length, contrasts with its bright colour.
Whale-shark at the horizon ! Seeing the shadow then the mass of the world’s largest fish approaching, one has the impression of passing a submarine...
This huge gorgonian only reveals its colour when one brings light to it, often a revelation for the novice diver.
Hunting time at night diving : dinner time has rung for this whitetip reef shark !
The clip shows two real hunting scenes, one crowned with success and the other missed…
The feather stars generally deploy their arms at night in order to capture and feed themselves with the plancton that drifts with the marine’s currents.
Called nurse shark or sleeper shark, this one deserves well his name by being peacefully settled in, sheltered in a deep infractuosity of the reef.
Superb grey reef shark, very majestic in its way of moving.
A unique site by its richness, where a diver observes closely and with precaution, the innumerable alcyonnaries that totally covers the over hang.
Small eagle ray seen from underneath. In the clip, the attentive spectator will notice something with the movement of its gills slits...

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